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From Vancouver area contractors to home renovators, products for home improvement and services, you'll find it all here. Businesses and products available in the greater Vancouver area and lower mainland. Lumber, doors, windows, flooring, roofing everything to help you inside and outside your home. Your Green Home Improvement Machine Website

Aluminium Gutters General Hardware

Aluminium Downpipe

Drain & Sewer Service
Aluminium Railings * Drain Tile Big O
Awnings Electronic Home Security *

Animal Control *

Electrical contractor *
Get-a-Grip Stair Treads Equipment Cleaning *
Building Inspections * Exterior House Washing *
Building Supplies * Exterior Lumber
Building Contractors Eavestrough *
The Little Contractor * Energuide Program
Cleaning * Finishes
Cedar Shake Cleaning * Masonry *
Chimney Cleaning * Chimney Cleaning *
Cleaning Vinyl Siding *

Govt. Home Grants

Equipment Cleaning *  
Moss and Algae Removal * Gutters
Oil Removal *

Gutter Repair

Pressure Washing * Home Repair *
Roof Cleaning * Insulation Products
Stucco Cleaning * Home Renovation *
Concrete: Lumber
Cleaning * Griff Building Supplies
Stamped Concrete Finishing Lumber
Drainage Repair Deck Lumber
Com Concrete Design Composite Deck Lumber
Concrete Repair Exterior Locks

Foundation Repair

Mobile Lock Service

Stained Concrete Safe Repair and Service
Raising Concrete Renovations

Repair Driveways

New Construction

The House Whispers

Deck Design& Construction

Decks: LP Smart Siding
Vinyl Decks *

Hardie Siding

Pool Deck Repair Gutter Smart Screens
Spray Deck Concrete * Gutter Services
Doors: Get-a-Grip Stair Treads
Custom Door Systems ADW Mainland Heating & Cooling




Hardware (new) *  
Locks (new) *  
Tools Lumber Yards
Griff Building Supply Griff Building Supply
Used Building Materials * Moss and Algae Removal *
Ventilation * Get-a-Grip Stair Treads
Vinyl Decking * Oil Removal *
Vinyl Siding * Painting:
Vinyl Windows * Paint Dealers *
Water Damage *  
Drainage Repair

Pool Deck Repair

Windows *  
Window Cleaning Pressure Washing *
Window & Door Hdw * Rain Goods
Wood Fireplace Parts * Roofing Store

Asphalt Duroid Roofing

Recent Additions Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning
Rain Goods Cedar Shake Maintenance
Rain Water Systems

Cedar Shake Restoration

Real Estate * Roofing Store
Gutter Cleaning Fiberglass Shingle Roofing *
Gutter Services Metal Roofing
  New Roofing
Pacific Sun Concrete New Metal Roofing
The House Whispers Re-Roofing
Vera-De Windows Roof Cleaning *
ADW Mainland Heating & Cooling Roof Repair
  Roofing Store
  Simulated Shake Roofing

Plumbing Service

Septic Tanks

Griff Building Supply

Slab jacking *

Flooded Toilets

Paint Dealers *

Pipe Bursting

Steam Cleaning *
Drain Master Plumbing Stucco Cleaning

Get-a-Grip Stair Treads

Sunken Concrete *